The Vagabond Players are holding auditions for roles in:

Inherit the Wind

By Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee
Audition Dates:

Audition Dates:  Saturday, September 16, 2017    1pm-4pm
                            Sunday, September 17, 2017       7pm-9pm

Location:        Vagabond Theatre, 806 S. Broadway, Baltimore, MD 21231

Performance Dates: January 5 - February 4, 2018
Rehearsals begin November 6, 2017
Auditions will be readings from the script.  No appointment necessary.  Non-union, non-paid.
For questions, contact director Sherrionne Brown at

Inherit the Wind is a fictionalized account of the 1925 Scopes "Monkey" Trial, which resulted in John T. Scopes' conviction for teaching Charles Darwin's theory of evolution to a high school science class, contrary to a Tennessee state law. The role of Matthew Harrison Brady is intended to reflect the personality and beliefs of William Jennings Bryan, while that of Henry Drummond is intended to be similar to that of Clarence Darrow. Bryan and Darrow, formerly close friends, opposed one another at the Scopes trial. The character of E. K. Hornbeck is modeled on that of H. L. Mencken, who covered the trial for The Baltimore Sun, and the character of Bertram Cates corresponds to Scopes.

Character Descriptions:

Bertram Cates: 24 - Science teacher and the defendant in the trial, having been arrested for teaching his students the theory of evolution; soft-spoken and humble; wonders about the nature of the universe.

Matthew Harrison Brady: 50s-60s - National political figure and three-time loser in presidential campaigns, he arrives in Hillsboro to lead the prosecution in Cates' trial; Christian fundamentalist and Nebraska native, Brady defends the literal truth of the Bible against what he labels Cates' big-city agnosticism.

Henry Drummond: 50s-60s - Famous lawyer from Chicago whom the Baltimore Herald sends to defend Cates; a believer in human progress, argues for freedom of thought.

E. K. Hornbeck: 30s - Cynical, wisecracking journalist and critic for the Baltimore Herald who speaks in colorful phrases, he travels to Hillsboro to cover the trial; despises Brady's religious fundamentalism and the townspeople's simple-minded acceptance of Brady's views.  In his column, he portrays Cates as a hero.

Rev. Jeremiah Brown: 40s-60s - Figure of religious authority in Hillsboro, he preaches a creed based on the fear of God and the punishment of sinners.

Rachel Brown: 22 - Daughter of Reverend Brown; teaches second grade at the school where Cates also taught.  Engaged to Cates; fears her father's disapproval.

Sarah Brady: 50s-60s - Brady's wife; happy to be in the background to help her husband's political career; worries about her husband's health; friends with Drummond.

The Judge: 40s-60s - Presides over Cates' trial; conducts the trial impartially, although his personal views about the Bible are in line with those of the rest of the townspeople.

Meeker: Baliff at the Hillsboro courthouse; friendly to Cates

Tom Davenport: 30s - Local district attorney who assists Brady during the trial.

Mayor: 40s-60s - Mayor of Hillsboro who supports Brady and welcomes him to town.

Melinda Loomis: 12 - Believes in the Bible and fears the idea of evolution.

Howard Blair: 12 - Student in Cates' science class, he grasps the idea of evolution in a rudimentary way; gives testimony at the trial.

In addition, there are speaking roles for the people in the town and outsiders who attend the trial.  Doubling of most of these roles will occur:

Mrs. Krebs: Outspoken; member of Ladies Aid who serves lunch to Brady on his arrival in town.

Mr. Bannister: Member of the jury; has read neither Darwin nor the Bible because he is illiterate.

Mrs. Blair: Howard's mother

Mrs. Loomis: Melinda's mother; very religious

Mrs. McClain: Sells fans to the crowd

Elijah: Illiterate mountain man who sells Bibles to the townspeople and preaches his beliefs to the crowd

Harry Y. Easterbrook: Radio host from Chicago; broadcasts announcement of the verdict

Jesse H. Dunlap: Farmer and cabinetmaker; potential juror who supports Brady

George Sillers: Employee at the local feed store; member of the jury who focuses on making a living while his wife takes care of religious matters for both of them

Storekeeper: Owner of a store across the square from the courthouse; professes not to have convictions about creation because they are not good for business

Mr. Stebbins: Father of a boy who died; posts bond for Drummond

Corkin: a workman

Phil Cooper: a workman


Court clerk/stenographer




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